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Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway, Thorne, Nr Doncaster
Latest News May 2014

40's Weekend in Thorne Memorial Park 10th and 11th May 2014

Taking part in the parade to the park where at 11am the event was officially opened by the Mayor of Thorne and Moorends and the MP Caroline Flint.   

1940's music on the Bandstand reliving an era of music that many say helped to keep the spirits up of the UK population during the down moments in the war.  Photos by Jason Bowers.

Steam and electric traction both inside and outside of the park.  The electric locomotive John L Stokes taking the passengers around the parks tracks.  Photos by Jason Bowers.

Military, fashions and a vintage Doncaster bus plus wartime food available from the café including with this young lad enjoying a Spam sandwich.

A brief visit to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum 10th May 2014

The  train ride in Clifton Park Rotherham 7th May 2011

Doncaster 's Last Trolleybus takes to the wires again.

In the 1900's when the trolleybus first ventured onto our street in the UK they were referred to as "Trackless" or "Railless". Instead the overhead wires are more like tracks in the sky somewhat resembling railway lines. On the left we see Doncaster's Last Trolleybus No 375 on the very last day of trolleybus operation in the town on the 14th December 1963. To the right is the vehicle having the trolleybooms guided onto the overhead wires for the first time at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft since it last operated at the museum at the end of the 1989 operating season due to mechanical wear and tear having operated at the museum since 1972. The vehicle then lived most of its time hidden away at the back of the depot with the paintwork fading away and peeling off. Towards the end of 2011 small but important steps were taken to bring the vehicle back to its former glory.   

Awaiting its first movement after some very minor technical problems the part re-painted trolleybus is soon to move along the overhead wires on the Workshop Road. 

The vehicle then journeyed onto the museums main circuit to go around to the electrical testing facilities.   

Electrical leakage testing was successful and a chance to ride on the trolleybus as it made more journeys around the museums overhead. 

Passing the former railway shed for the Sandtoft Miniature Railway 375 makes several more journeys before being reversed into the workshop for more exterior painting to take place. The vehicle will be ready for demonstration runs at the museum for the May Holidays see the website for details. It is hoped to have the vehicle ready for passenger carrying in 2015 as funding permits.   

Saturday 3rd May 2014 the trolleybus making movements under the overhead wires at the museum

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