Other Attractions around NE Doncaster 
All are now mostly closed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Please check their websites for further Information

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway

Always worth a visit is the Cleethorpes Coastal Light Railway where they operate trains throughout the year. I have visited Cleethorpes since 1949 to see the miniature and narrow gauge railways. There have been many alterations to these and sadly some disappear such as the miniature railway that used to operate under the now long gone is Wonderlands Big Dipper at Wonderland. Also gone is The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway. Above the entrance to Wonderland the miniature railway. Below one of the locomotives is now back again in Cleethorpes but this time at Cleethorpes Coastal Light Railway. As the locomotive is 7 1/4 inch gauge the locomotive will remain a staic exhibit for now, but Henrietta will be a very valuable part of the history of the miniature railways I used to ride on as young lad some too many years ago.

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