Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway, Thorne, Nr Doncaster
From the Digital Archives of the Miniature Railway in Thorne Memorial Park

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Left: Sunday 5th September The faithfully VW campervan providing a base for the once very successful fund raising light refreshment stall for the miniature railway. Sadly this facility was to disappear after a dispute about its operations. A take over by the society failed miserably and this facility was part of history, once it was found out how much time and effort including queuing at the wholesalers went into making it possible. There is now a small retail outlet in the park providing this facility.  Right:  A golden opportunity for the miniature railway to add to its CV for funding applications to be able to add that younger persons were able to gain experience in retail sale and customer care not just on the holy grail "engineering" which by itself was not enough for the funding organisations. 

Left: My steam locomotive "Remus" which earned many a penny for the miniature railway in the park. The coaches were built with funding that I was able to obtain and the bogies were loaned by The Sandtoft Miniature Railway group. The photograph was taken from my electric locomotive "Mufuta". Both locomotives were relocated in June 2012. Middle and Right: Myself in better times at the railway with the my electric locomotive "Mufuta" and the Sandtoft Miniature Railway coach No 2 which was loaned to the railway in Thorne Park from 2000 - 2012.

The beginnings of the Sales and Light Refreshment Stall including Tourist Information.

Here we see the beginnings of the sweet stall. On average had takings far exceeding that of the train rides. A full set of accounts was kept and produced at the societies A.G.M A running surplus was handed. My wife and myself allegedly got accused by one of the founder members of running a private business. Hence an insult and wrongful acquisition like that lead to the stall being handed over to the society and members who made the remarks. After a short while under the new management it failed dismally, soon the accuser realised the time, the effort and the hours of visiting the wholesalers and the time in the check out queues. So this excellent revenue for the railway was lost. For example on the 17th September 2004 train rides £15.60, Sweet and sales stall £61.64 Proceeds from the sweets etc had gone towards the society, maintaining the railway, publicity, printing of tickets, signs etc.
Even a stall of the size we had a certificate in Food and Hygiene was required so two of us duly attended the course. We operated the stall with full requirements and a proper till purchased and put on loan by the Sandtoft Miniature Railway group.

It may be frosty, cold and snowing March 2013) but digging through the photographic archives a reminder of Summer 2004 trains packed to capacity the sweet stall all set up and visitors enjoying themselves in the warm sunshine. Recent summers have proved to be wet and horrible for the visitors to Thorne Memorial Park to ride on the miniature railway. The two adults are left my wife Pat and now it seems a long lost daughter-in-law Beverly.

From the Digital Archives Easter 2009 at Thorne Memorial Park

Easter 2009 was certainly warmer than 2013 as visitors and passengers enjoy riding on the trains in the park. The steam locomotive Remus was in steam but needed some help from the electric locomotive. Visitors enjoy a bit of challenge on the Spin the Wheel stall. Sadly 2013 was freezing cold and I believe the 2013 Easter Monday event was cancelled. 

From the Digital Archives of  10 July 2010

Its now almost 1 year today since myself and at least six other members called it a day helping to operate what was called the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway.  For various reason as described elsewhere in this website.  I felt rather sad today not to see the trains running as the band played to the visitors. Up until last year we helped to entertain the visitors in many ways, luckily I have a vast collection of photographs in my archives and from time to time I will access them as here.

David Stubbins driving the very popular locomotive Princess Sarah owned by one of the founder members of the group. The two coaches have now  departed for operation and modifications one to be restored back to its original condition when it operated on the Sandtoft Miniature Railway.  To the right my friend Adge who used to help us with guarding and track side maintenance, doing a guard of honour salute (I think!) as the train passes.

From the photographic archives of the Thorne Railway

Going back in time I have had a look a some of the photographs of what used to be an important day for what was once titled the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway operated by the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd. The importance being that the last Sunday in September was the last day of the of the Summer Operating Season. Every effort used to be in exhibiting all the rolling stock and operating as many locomotives as possible. What happened in 2013 I am not sure as no photographs have appeared on the new website or their Facebook page as of the 1 October 2013. So lets go back at random to Sunday 27th September 2009

David Stubbins with D&DMES uniform and train drivers overhauls, to the right Matthew Bunting both at the controls of Koppel on the last day of the 2009 Summer Timetable.

The then Mayor of Thorne presenting the then junior members of the society with the Hansard Trophy for outstanding work for the society . In the middle Gordon Sharpe the radio station manager (2005--2011) for TMCR (then Thorne Moorends Community Radio) making the announcements and again to the right the Mayor of Thorne presenting the prizes to the children for the drawing competition.

It was hard work to set up the attractions arrange for the mayor to attend but all very worthwhile. Smart uniforms and ID badges were all part of the scene. As often happens as time moves on most of the staff that you see in these photographs taken back in 2008 and 2009 have now moved on to other railways or interests like myself.

From my photographic archives of the Thorne Railway
4th October 2009 and July 2010

The first day of the winter timetable in 2009 sees the very popular coach "Margaret" that was purchased by funds raised by the former Mayor of Thorne and Moorends Margaret-Holt-Taylor. As can be seen in the photographs the coach was very popular being more passenger friendly and much safer for children and the elderly, is now up for sale. It seems that since July 2012 that the coach saw little use after a group of members left due to a dispute. These former members took time and effort at the start and finish of the train service to enable the coach to enter service. Perhaps proceeds from any sale could be returned to the organisations who helped with many fund raising events for the railway to purchase it.. List of funding details for the coach

Children's Drawing Competition Presentation at 2pm Sunday 24th September 2006

At 2pm The Mayor of Thorne-Moorends Councillor Mrs M. Holt-Taylor presented the prize for the over all prize winner to Leo Thorley aged 8 for his entry into to the August School Holiday Drawing Competition. Prizes were presented to other winners in the various other prize categories. A new page has been added to the From the Digital Archives in addition to the original

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