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Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway, Thorne, Nr Doncaster
Gresley 4-8-2 locomotive

Did Sir Nigel Gresley design any other locomotive in 1938 ?   

The answer to this seems to YES. By 1938 the popularity of the Jubilee and Coronation high speed steam trains had become firmly established, and it was clear that a demand for longer and heavier trains would arise. A design for a more powerful version of the "A4" class was prepared, in which the boiler was to be raised from 250 lbs to 275 lbs per square inch thus increasing the tractive effort from 35.455 to 39,040 lbs. No further streamlined engines were built and instead it was reasoned that any appreciable in the average speed of the heavier express passenger trains could only be achieved but faster uphill running and to effect this improvement, designs for a three cylinder 4-8-2 locomotive were put on the drawing board at Doncaster.

Did it ever get built?

The answer is NO!. Only an artist's impression seems to be as far as it got. The locomotive was to have three 21"X26" cylinders and 6' 8" driving wheels, giving it a tractive effort of 45,700 lbs. The 6' 5" diameter boiler was to have a working pressure of 260 lbs, whilst the grate was going to be 50 sq ft. There was every prospect of this design going forward, but for the intervention of the Second World War breaking out in September 1939.The boiler would have been interchangeable with the 'P2' class 'Cock of the North" engines.

The "Cock O' The North"  whose boiler would have been interchangeable. A total of six P2 locomotives were built between 1934 and 1936.

The last one to be withdrawn from service was 2006 (BR number 60506) " Wolf of Badenoch" seen here as built new with the streamlined front.

From an article in the book by the late Walter J Ashton " LNER PACIFICS and 2-8-2 Locos

All rights reserved, ©  Bob Ashton 2000- 2012

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