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Some Bygone photographs taken in January's Past

The Grimsby & Immingham Electric Railway (G&IER) was an electric light railway, primarily for passenger traffic, linking Great Grimsby with the Port of Immingham in Lincolnshire, England. The line was built by the Great Central Railway (GCR), was absorbed by the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) in 1923, and became part of the Eastern Region of British Railways. It ran mainly on reserved track. After many successful years of operation its future was uncertain when Grimbsy Town Council purchased and cut the line back in 1959.A tram service was only retained in much curtailed form in peak periods, pending completion of a direct road to the industrial estate and the docks. Although the road had still not been built the tramway was again proposed for closure in 1960, and the service was finally withdrawn on 1 July 1961. Even at closure it was still handling around 250,000 passengers a year. 
Surprising there are remains to be found still near to the junction where the tramway left the LNER tracks which it operated alongside. 

The brick tram shelter has survived well into 2017 seen here in January 2013  near to the junction where the trams exited the LNER track bed and then reversed to go over the bridge just beyond the car. Where the trams then headed to Immingham Docks Well into the 1970's and 80's the unique concrete traction poles survived until the bridge was rebuilt. 

The trams may have run for the last time but  some concrete traction poles have survived  on the curve leading to the tracks that ran alongside the railway line.  As with many tramways with the exception of Blackpool their future was to see every one close and the unique tramway that one used to operate between Grimbsy and Immingham  closed. Two trams have been put into preservation .

The Supertram system in Sheffield has now been in operation since  March 21st 1994 and has proved to be a very successful tram and Light Rail System. Sheffield station sees an East Midland train awaiting departure. Of the three photographs it is likely that First bus seen on the Hatfield route in Doncaster is no longer with us.

A contrast here the ill fated Ftr buses in York 29th January 2007 did not prove to be popular with the passengers or the crews especially on the narrower streets in Acombe. To the right are some models that my father made back in the 1920''s. The photograph was taken for a display in January 2009 

The last few remains of the narrow gauge railway tracks and rolling stock at the former Thorne Colliery Thurs 25th January 2006.  The Colliery was opened between 1925 and 1956; but had operational issues including shaft water, war time crises and maintenance trouble, causing the pit to be non-productive for much of its lifespan. Production ended in 1958 due to geological problems. Unsuccessful proposals to restart production were made in the 1980s and 1990s, and in 2004 the pit pumps were turned off and the headgear demolished.

The site is now home to a 5 megawatt solar farm developed by RES. The construction was completed in December 2015.

Barton upon Humber Ropewalk

One of the methods of ropemaking involved the use of a railway type system remains of which might still be in place as seen in January 2006. The rope making factory, Hall's Barton Ropery, dates back to between 1800 and 1803 with the building of a "modern" rope works, including the characteristic "walk"" on the site after Thomas Hall and his son William purchased land on the east side of Barton Haven.

The Ropewalk is housed in the former ropewalk of Hall's Barton Ropery, the longest Grade II listed building in the country. The factory closed in 1989. Ropewalk Museum is also located in the facility. Its exhibits focus on the history of the factory and its employees.

THE ROPEWALK, Maltkiln Road, Barton upon Humber, North Lincolnshire, DN18 5JT
Telephone: 01652 660380    Fax: 01652 637495  Email: info@the-ropewalk.co.uk

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Thorne Central publication

Between 2001-2003 I arranged for the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd. to receive considerable funding to purchase locomotives, materials for the building of coaches and the electric locomotive John L Stokes. We were also able to purchase two marquees for shows such as the Summer Festival Event. Plastic Tables and chairs for visitors to use. Stationary, publicity leaflets and much more were obtained by funding. I would estimate about £10,000+ worth of funding was obtained with many hours of form filling producing brochures for the funders. The Neighbour Renewal Community Chest also funded this special Newsletter that was made available free at local newsagents etc. Click here to see the contents.     

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