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Going back in time to the days of the original Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway .

The miniature railway was named the "Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway" between 2000 - 2012. Then a new name was adopted "ThornePark Railway" with a new website with that name and a new Domain name. The link is provided above. A new page has been added to the From the Digital Archives in addition to the original page. Already the extra new page is nearly full so a further archives page will be added next time.

27th June 2010 some pleasant warm sunshine greets the visitors to Thorne Memorial Park.  We have the late Brian Wharton who travelled down from Newcastle and back to be driving the trains in the park. Brian was  a member of the Sandtoft Miniature Railway group that operated until May 2000 when the railway was dismantled a short while later. The photograph is of him driving a train before he was taken ill. Brian will be remembered for his dedication. The locomotive might be making a return to the Sandtoft Museum using some portable track along with the coach using portable track for the steam weekend 23rd and 24th September 2017. To be confirmed so please watch this space.

On the same day the electric locomotives "Mufuta"  and "John L Stokes" provide the train service. 

Going back in time is the Home Page from the Sandtoft Miniature Railway 22nd July 2012 website. Please note that the links will be inoperative on this feature. The website is still operative by going to:- 

Now located in the NE of Doncaster

Train Services back at Thorne Memorial Park

Sunday 22 July 2012 The trains were once again carrying passengers and the public were also being entertained in wonderful summer sunshine to delights of the Hatfield Main Brass Band (see the Latest News page for more photographs

Sandtoft Gathering 1983 and 2012

2012 (Left) we see the re-decorated Huddersfield trolleybus at 2012 Sandtoft Gathering that was painted to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  To the right is the main attraction for collectors of memorabilia when the depot area is given over to the many stalls.  For more photographs of the 2012 event visit http://www.facebook.com/rnashton  1983 (Above right) the Sandtoft Miniature Railway was officially opened using both 5 inch and 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotives. The railway then took an active part in the Sandtoft Gathering events until 1999. Although plans were well in hand for the 2000 event due to operational difficulties described else where on this website

Welcome to the website for the Sandtoft Miniature Railway (group).
This website has now been up and running since 2000, some 17 years after the formation of the group to operate a miniature railway at the Sandtoft Transport Centre in 1983. The group operated the railway at Sandtoft from 1983 until 2000. The miniature railway was run very successfully during those years and became a very huge attraction with the visitors, especially the children.
Due to operational problems the railway ceased all operations in May 2000 and all assets transferred to Thorne except the societies rail which was put in store for further use at later date . The group had been invited by Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd to transfer their operations to the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway .
Our members were active at the this miniature railway on a regular basis and successfully obtained a large amount of funding and sponsorship for projects at Thorne. However in more recent years have seen a range of difficulties which have included sadly again vandalism to the tracks in Thorne Memorial Park and harassment from yet another generation of younger trouble makers in the park. The 2012 season saw the summer operating days reduced to the first and third Sunday of each month due to lacking support of the D&DMESL members. As with many other voluntary groups obtaining new members is becoming a modern day problem to replace those who retire usually as we say to a giant miniature railway in the sky.
After a discussion with the SMR members and others responsible for the operating of the SMR rolling stock and locomotives owned privately, it was decided to cease our support of the miniature railway in Thorne Memorial Park and relocate to a new site near to Doncaster after some informal discussions starting to take place with another party. Work on relaying the rails last used in 2000 at the then Sandtoft Transport Centre is due to start very shortly have been made with another project but this is on private land where Remus is temporary storage.
Please note that the Out and About feature that has been on this website will shortly be removed as Facebook seems to be the way forward or is it? Let me know if you would like to see this feature retained. Email me now if you would like to see these pages retained 

The steam locomotive Remus ran at Sandtoft from 1985 until the closure of the railway in May 2000. Remus was then transferred to the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway operated by the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd on the May Bank Holiday Monday 2000. The locomotive operated here until about 2010. Regrettably after the death of one of the founder members of the D&DMESL maintenance became a problem. Facilities to maintain the locomotive were not adequate resulting in difficulties to repair the locomotive. In 2012 a re-tubed boiler was returned and fitted but without proper facilities it became apparent that the locomotive was never going to operate again at Thorne. It was decided on the 4th July by the majority of members re-locate the locomotive and any other SMR rolling stock loaned to the D&DMESL. The carriages were relocated on the 5th July along with the locomotive Mufuta to another operational railway. For more details visit the Latest News Page   

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