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Going back in time to the days of the original Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway .

Easter Monday 5th April 2010 on the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway.  Key rings for sale and the local community radio station TMCR FM 95.3 in attendance. Above far right members in deep discussion it would seem about something  whilst the driver and steam locomotive "Koppel" await passengers.

Above left a title slide for the a promotional presentation for a funding application. Right David Stubbins being interviewed by one of the lady staff form TMCR.  Below a mix of photographs, a drawing from one of the children. Ged with his "A FREE prize Every Time" children's competition and happy passengers on the coach purchased with funding from the Thorne Moorends Town Council and other sponsors that preserved the ladies modesty and had a facilities for a wheel chair. 

The miniature railway was named the "Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway" between 2000 - 2012. Then a new name was adopted "ThornePark Railway" with a new website with that name and a new Domain name. The link is provided above. The 2017 railway as far as I can see from the new website will commence on Easter Sunday.  A new page has been added to the From the Digital Archives in addition to the original page.

A Visit to Manchester 25th March 2017

On a coach trip to the famous  Bury Market it including a visit to the popular Black Pudding stall. It was not too long before Metrolink tickets were purchased at the Bury tram terminus to make a journey into Manchester. Above postcards purchased a few weeks earlier at Heaton Park. 

Having a arrived at Piccadilly a look around the main square then onto St Peter's Square where there was a tram passing every 2--5 minutes an ideal location for photography. Boarding the tram back to a second visit to the Victoria Interchange,   

Above Trains and trams side by side in the Victoria Station Whilst below steam trains and not a tram in sight. The old and the new mixed together with the wood work of the ticket office and the modern day ticket machines.

Above Left  Between 1901 and 1949 Manchester Corporation Tramways was the municipal operator of electric tram services in Manchester. The last tram operated on the 10th January. Middle An early artist's impression of the proposed new tram system in Market Street in 1984. Right 1022 continuing with its journey to Bury on the first day of passenger services between G-Mex and Bury - 27th April 1992. These trams have now been replaced with a new generation of The M5000 (as seen above) is a model of light rail passenger vehicle. It is part of Bombardier Transportation's Flexity Swift range of vehicles, built specifically as a high-floor, articulated bi-directional tram to operate solely on the Manchester Metrolink system in England. Manchester has probably the largest Light Rail Tramway system in the UK. 

Tram/Train progress at Sheffield as 27 March 2017

Progress on the first Tram/train project has been delayed somewhat and the target date for it to opened is Summer 2018. The engineers working on the project might question this but I am sure we shall be seeing the first time in the UK that trams and trains have operated on the same tracks. Below is a selection of photographs taken on the 27th March. 

Pacer unit approaching Rotherham Central station from Sheffield to Adwick-le-Street. The new standards for the electric overhead wires are now in place. Whilst at Meadowhall the preparation work seems to be getting underway to connect the system to the tramway from Sheffield.

The team at work preparing for the new platform at the Parkgate Shopping Centre. Whilst back at the Meadowhall end underneath this section of the road are the tram tracks from the first system that finally closed in 1960.  The tracks underneath the tarmac were opened to Rotherham on the  11 September 1905 and last used 12th December 1948. In the distance is the Tinsley viaduct carrying the M1 motorway.  On the right we have Decorated 349 toured the city during the week. The last trams ran between Leopold Street to Beauchief and Tinsley on 8 October 1960.

The overhead supporting mast in place at the approach to Rotherham Central Station will see the  new tram/ train vehicles as seen on test in the High Street where the original trams once used to run until 1960.   

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