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Home Page June/July 2020

The Coronavirus has caused a disruption to many of the transport systems and heritage attractions in the UK with limited and special services in operation. However railway, transport and bus museums in the UK are still temporarily closed but the good news is that from July some are taking steps to re-open.  It may be very advisable to check their websites and Facebook pages to confirm operational details as the lock down starts to ease.  Above we see what it used to be like on the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway and maybe as from Saturday 4th July 2020 see their website for details.

Photographs sent to me by e-mail from Doug Barrow

I first met Doug at the Nottingham trolleybus closure in 1966. We became friends and made many trips to other trolleybus systems both in the UK and Europe.   I am afraid Doug is not too well at the moment but I contacted one of his two sons David and he has given me the go-ahead to reproduce some of these images. So lets have a look at some of these photographs that I have saved so far.

"Round Salzburg by SLB"  The underground terminus is a feature which wasn't there on our visit, and if my memory is correct it's a recent replacement for the former surface terminus.   Please note : where text is in brown these are Doug's words in his e-mail

I thought that the attached photographs might be of interest to you. The gentleman is Bob Symes (he was driving at the Birchley Railway when we were there a few years ago, and I've seen him on a number of Austrian railway programmes) and the miniature railway is in his garden; he also has a fine Gauge 1 railway in the garden. The other photograph shows the model GWR railcar waiting in the station.

New Trolleybus on delivery to Saltzburg.

15th October 2012 Top Left:  VBZ78 being loaded, in Zurich, onto the transporter which would take it by road to Salzburg (and presumably onwards, subsequently, to Linz). Must have been an impressive sight.
Left Lower: Here's another photo this time showing the demonstrating VBZ78 passing one of the Salzburg fleet's older vehicles.
Right: the image shows the on-test vehicle after passing through one of the short tunnels in Salzburg. All of the present routes were tested and Gunter mentioned to me that no problems were encountered by this long trolleybus.

10 Sept 2012 Top Left:  I came across this "Oops" photo from an unrecorded source. Thought you might find it an interesting; wonder how long it took to get the loco and tender onto ground level?
05 December 2011 Top Right I've managed to photograph a Eurostar set heading towards St. Pancras Station at the same time as the slower train "downstairs" heads towards Maidstone (and in due course Paddock Wood)."

Top Left: 25th October Chiltern Trains (two 2-coach Networker Turbo sets) service passing. In times past the Great Central Railway, then the LNER and British Railways - and now Chiltern - shared tracks with the Metropolitan Railway and latterly London Transport/London Underground; the sharing once reached many miles to beyond Aylesbury... but nowadays Underground trains terminate at Amersham and this track is still maintained by London Underground. "BR" trains running along the LT tracks need to have trip cocks fitted to comply with LT signalling.

Middle: Photo of yesterday's withdrawn set (2x 4-coach units,each unit having a pair of Driving Motor Coaches and a pair of Trailers - though in many cases the inner Driving Motor Coaches within sets didn't have the red ends so weren't used to lead services) shortly after arrival in the non-electrified siding. The chap in the view is busy sawing-through the jumper cables between coaches as those cables won't be used again and each coach needs a lorry to take it away.

Right: By the time you collect this e-mail the two coaches nearest the camera (6030, a trailer coach, was the other of the pair) should have arrived by road - I think that they are possibly a bit out of gauge for BR or there may be another reason why they go by road - in Rotherham (Booths, I expect). I took the photo early yesterday afternoon as the train passed through Moor Park Station en route to Watford to reverse then work back to Northwood Station as their final run on the "juice" and into a non-electrified siding to await the arrival of a pair of lorries to take them away..,. with the other 6 coaches in this view being taken northwards in pairs tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

Right:  Diesel-hauled TGV Postal set, during its short visit to England, at Singlewell today - this time with one of the Japanese-built Javelin sets passing on a service to St. Pancras..
Top Left:I don't know whether the two Eurotunnel diesel locos (0005 leading 0004) will be going through the Tunnel with the set but it's possible that the set will take itself through the Tunnel.

We will continue to travel through some of Doug's emails I have received over the years

Thorne Central publication

Between 2001-2003 I arranged for the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd. to receive considerable funding to purchase locomotives, materials for the building of coaches and the electric locomotive John L Stokes. We were also able to purchase two marquees for shows such as the Summer Festival Event. Plastic Tables and chairs for visitors to use. Stationary, publicity leaflets and much more were obtained by funding. I would estimate about £10,000+ worth of funding was obtained with many hours of form filling producing brochures for the funders. The Neighbour Renewal Community Chest also funded this special Newsletter that was made available free at local newsagents etc. Click here to see the contents.     

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