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Going back in time to the days of the original Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway .

The miniature railway was named the "Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway" between 2000 - 2012. Then a new name was adopted "ThornePark Railway" with a new website with that name and a new Domain name. The link is provided above. As far I know no trains, locomotives have operated on the tracks for 2017 . Above we used to operate a train for visitors on the first Sunday in the New Year which was highly successful and stopped the tracks from getting rusty, thereafter trains would then operate every first Sunday up until Easter, then the new seasons timetable took over. 
A new page has been added to the From the Digital Archives in addition to the original page. Already the extra new page is nearly full so a further archives page will be added next time.

The Land Train returns to Doncaster for a second time.

Perhaps a type of train that can be seen all over the world now re-visited Doncaster for the shoppers in town leading up to Christmas Eve.  Very popular with the children and parents and oddly enough the odd  transport enthusiast! A bonus this year the train service was FREE unlike last year when it cost 50p for adults cannot remember if children were free or half fare. Above left the crew take a lunch time break in the Market Square giving myself and my wife Pat to have a photograph taken , to the right a departure from where  the Beckett Road and Wheatley Hills trolleybuses used to depart from.

Hull City of Culture 2017

In June 2013 the shortlist of four bids from Dundee, Hull, Leicester and Swansea Bay was announced. The winner of the 2017 title was announced on 20 November 2013 and Hull was chosen. TV producer Phil Redmond, who chaired the City of Culture panel, said Hull was the unanimous choice because it put forward "the most compelling case based on its theme as 'a city coming out of the shadows'". On 31 July 2014, Martin Green was announced as chief executive of the team. Green was previously head of ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and organised the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ ceremony in Yorkshire.
On 1st January 2017 the Hull event opened with a fireworks display over the river Humber and a series of sound and light installations collectively known as Made in Hull which attracted 25,000 visitors. Many visitors will arrive by bus and our interest being rails.

A mixture of events relating to the fascinating history of this city on the entrance to the River Humber comes alive in Hull for the next 12 months. For me the history of the cities railways is one, including the few remains of the dock railways that severed the many quays where boats unloaded many goods including fish. Also perhaps a darker side of Hull's trade was the slaves that arrived and then were transferred to Liverpool by train from a set of special platforms at the Paragon Station.

Detail of Neil Hadlock sculpture on the redeveloped dockside in Hull depicting a family from Northern Europe having left ship in Hull before continuing by train to Liverpool and then by ship to America Statue donated in 2001 to Kingston upon Hull by the Sea Trek Foundation of America as they retraced their descendants journey in tall ships from Northern Europe Located on reclaimed land at The Bullnose where ships waited for high tide before entering Humber Dock

Above the open platform survives on the left was right next to the waiting room and was separate from the normal traffic to transport the slaves.

Latest News Doncaster Platform "0" opens on the 12 December 2016 

After many months of work and a few delays the first train from Hull pulls into the new station (below left), which cost £21 million to build, was opened by Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP (above) Here in Doncaster, the improvements form part of a wider investment in the East Coast Main Line, which will see £247 million spent on enhancements between now and 2024 to improve capacity and journey times for passengers."

Below some new and interesting locations for photographers from the new platform that can be obtained. The Great Central Train passing through and a Virgin East Coast train pulling into Platform 1 where our Pacer unit would have had to use up until today. 

Footnote: I apologise for the delay in updating this website but the FTB provider changed a host name without informing me no matter how many telephone calls and e-mails were made no information was given until I contacted  Rob at computer shop in Thorne, Thanks Rob .

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