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Welcome to the "Bob's Railway Days on Platform 2" website. This website used to give all the information about the latest operating days and other information related to the then Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway.  The railway operated by the D&DMESL have a new website which has all the information about the railway of the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society including the operating days .  Click here  go to this website or their Facebook page.  Trains operated on Sundays and Bank Holiday Sunday's and Mondays until the end of September.  The new season will start again Easter 2018 but please check their Facebook page as other days between now and then may see a train service.

Remus emerges from its third storage location 

It had been hoped to have Remus back together in time for the steam Fair at Sandtoft but there is still a lot of work to do to get the locomotive back together after having the cladding removed for repainting. However the track awaits its first testing next to the engine shed for the locomotive to under go its first trials.  Photos 29th September 2017.

A journey back in time to 1985/6 at Sandtoft when Remus was under construction being driven by Harold Dyson who built the locomotive. In the middle we see a very young Stuart Lamming at the controls at Sandtoft passing over what is now the last remaining  track at the museum. The locomotive then spent its later years from 2000--2011 on the tracks in Thorne Memorial Park before it was removed into storage.

Work has now started in October with the locomotive being put on the workshop bench by Jordan Andrew (who supplied these two photographs) during last week. Hopefully upon completion the locomotive will be visiting some local miniature railway. An appearance at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft is a possibility for the 2018 Steam Fair using portable track.

Recent work at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft

The trolleybus often referred to as a Railless or Trackless uses electricity and had resistances similar to that of electric trains of the same era. Regrettably similar to trains the resistance bank on trolleybuses with age start to fail. As with the photograph on the right the fins become thin and then start to burn out, yes they can be strapped out but this is far from ideal so consideration to have more permanent repairs or replacement need to be carried out as here with the preserved 1945 (re-bodied 1955) Doncaster Trolleybus. Air Industrial Developments of West Bromwich are  now undertaking an inspection in readiness to consider the next stage forward. Their telephone number is 0121 553 4446 and ask for Paul.

Steam Fair at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft 23rd and 24th September 2017

Passing the trolleybus both days was a succession of steam traction during both days at the museum of all shapes and sizes for this the first event of this type at the museum  It turned out to be a very successful event that is expected to be repeated in 2018 so please keep a check on the events calendar that will be issued in December 2017.

It is just over 17 years since the last train operated on the Sandtoft Miniature Railway that was located on the inside of the trolleybus circuit so thanks to Jack Salter and David Stubbins who also drove the petrol 5 inch locomotive the railway came back briefly even if for only one day on the 23rd September. The former railway shed that held up to five locomotives and five carriages can be seen. This building now houses a bicycle museum.  I do apologise that the steam locomotive Remus that once operated both at Sandtoft and Thorne was unable to make an appearance this time but I will let you know if we are able to arrange for the locomotive to make a return appearance in 2018 hopefully along with a 7 1/4 inch track layout.

As can be seen many visitors turned out for the trolleybus and line up of the larger steam rollers etc. I will be putting more photographs of this event on Facebook and on the Sandtoft Miniature Railway groups website   

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