Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway, Thorne, Nr Doncaster
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Track work in Thorne Memorial Park 2011

Keeping fit and busy as yet more weeds need removing from the tracks, whilst two other members measure the curve needed with some new rail to get the radius to smooth the curve.   

Right a ground  view of the new rail clamped to old. The campervan in the background that my wife and other members once used to help serve teas and other hot drinks very successfully until the treasurer thought he could do better to make more money. This flop that turned out to be as the idea ran out of steam by the new arrangement.

From the February 2002 Achieves of the Thorne Memorial Park Railway 

From the archives of The Star newspaper, Doncaster Edition Thursday  20th February 2002 page 7 the publicity machine rolls into action for the forthcoming season. Trains were running every first Sunday in the month during the winter months unlike the 2013/2014. Below Sunday 7th March 2010 a packed train earning some good revenue for the railway and at the same time a live outside broadcast going out on air on the local community radio station TMCR with the aid of a radio microphone link.  Myself a former member of the D&DMES with Jordan as guard on Sunday 7th March 2010 in some bright obviously warm sunshine. 

New cover photograph for Jordan on his Facebook

Like myself Jordan was one of the familiar faces to be found helping at the Thorne Memorial Park until 2012. Jordan continues his activities including building locomotives at the miniature railway at Stockholes Farm near Westgate in North Lincolnshire. 

In the middle photograph Jordan with his first electric locomotive on the tracks at Thorne in Sunday 11 April 2010 To the rightA brief venture by Jordan was to help with the restoration work on Doncaster's Last Trolleybus No 375 at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft.

A visit to Malvern Station March 13th  2014

Still retaining most of its original GWR architecture the railway station at Malvern in Worcestershire fits in with the towns historic heritage. Great Malvern station was opened by the Worcester & Hereford Railway in 1860 and the present buildings by architect E. W. Elmslie were completed in 1862. The station celebrated its 150th birthday on 23 May 2010 with the unveiling of a plaque and a special train. An additional part of this celebration was the reinstatement of some of the highly decorated lighting columns around the cab road at the front of the

Above left one of the restored lamp standards just outside the station whilst access to Platform 2 has probably changed little since its installation

Above a train bound for Hereford - Dorridge. The former waiting room now houses the Age Concern second hand book shop for passengers   

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