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Happy New Year for 2014

From the Archives: This is how the New Year's operating season was brought in by operating trains as near as possible to New Year's Day as on the 4th January 2009. First steam first diesel as here created much interest for the visitors. Whether this popular tradition continues I am not sure as their calendar of events for January does not indicate any such event. As far as I can tell from very much outdated information on the new website trains will start operating from Easter Sunday but you will need to confirm this on the website on the link provided at the top of this page.

The next Train from Platform 2 at Goole 3rd January 2014

A visit to Goole was something that was completely unplanned for an a day out.  It may look as though we had used the train but in reality the 88 First bus from Hatfield was used as our South Yorkshire bus passes do not cover the section from Thorne to Goole. However later in the year an investment of just (?) £4.30 will be made to purchase a ticket from Thorne North station will be made to make a journey to Goole and back using the train. The journey by bus seems to take ages as travel via Hatfield Woodhouse, South Common, Moorends eventually you reach Goole.

Goole station is a mixture of old and new. Access to the Platform 1 is via a subway which serves the pedestrians when the road crossing barriers are down. The railway crossing can result in many traffic jams on what can be a busy line serving Hull, and Doncaster.

Cairngorm Mountain Railway

Snow on the tracks does not stop the funicular railway from running. To the right a view in the spring and early summer can often still find pockets of snow as we found. 

Snow in Thorne Memorial Park

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