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Latest News Page July 2013

A day in the Sunshine in Thorne Memorial Park 7th July 2013.

In addition to the concerts at the Summer Festival the first concert on Sunday 7th July was well attended by the many visitors even though there might have been another event taking place in Wimbledon The next concert in addition to those on the  27th and 28th July will on 11th August 2013. The Armthorpe/Elmfield band 3pm to 5pm on the August date. For more details please contact Thorne and Moorends Town Council 01405 818015 during normal office hours.

2013 Summer Festival Event 

The Mayor of Thorne and Moorends Cllr. George Derx and the Queen open the proceedings with the parade through Thorne from Sainsbury's to Thorne Memorial Park where at 11am the event is officially opened. Click here to go the 2013 Summer Festival page.

2013 Sandtoft Gathering

The Sandtoft Gathering is an event that has been held at the Trolleybus Museum since 1971. I thought it might be interesting to see three photographs of the very early events. Left is the official pole planting ceremony in 1971 with the late Edgley Cox former manager of Wallsall Transport./West Midlands PTE.   Middle the first trolleybus waiting to operate the first section of energised overhead wire in 1972.  Right is the first day of train service at the 1983 Sandtoft Gathering. 

There is also a large selection of photographs of the 2013 Sandtoft Gathering by my friend Jason Bowers on Facebook. 

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