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Remus saved from the dark, dingy, dampness of the former air raid shelter at Thorne in July 2013 of its former surroundings at Thorne whilst, Mufuta takes the 2000 special at Sandtoft what was to be the last year of operation before the KRR take over and finally brought an end to railway operation. Above right all that remains of the railway that took over from the SMR. 

On the evening pf the 14th December Doncaster trolleybus No 375 made its last journey along the  Beckett Road route from the Golden Fleece pub to the Coop with invited guest s and the civic dignities on board.  The vehicle was obtained by the Doncaster Omnibus & Light Railway Society for preservation. The vehicle operated again at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft in Sept 1972. It was a popular vehicle with the visitors, but by 1989 the vehicle had to be withdrawn from service at the museum due to need to replace various parts. Restoration work began in September 2012 and has been continued during the winter months.

Myself with the coat of arms off one of nearside panels. On the 6th February 2013 the first two of five new panels is put into place.

OPEN DAYS for the half term at York Railway Museum February 2013

Above the Leeds Society of Model Society of Model and Experimental Engineers. Train rides for all ages during the school half-term. This was one of four train rides both steam and diesel operating at the museum. Photographs taken 22 February 2013 by Pat Ashton.

Train rides were very popular of all sizes, queues quickly formed on all of the open days I am told. 

The museum's 7 1/4 inch resident miniature railway was also doing kept very busy for this event.

Mufuta undergoes a repaint in 2013

The electric locomotive Mufuta was repainted in 2000 to livery of the then Manchester PTE. This was an unpopular livery so it was repainted back to its original Spruce Green. It has had several repaints since then, however in 2013 it is now receiving another repaint courtesy of SMR member James Green. Photographs by James Green

Looking back in time. Mufuta on the 1st January 2000 the last year that it was to operate on the tracks at the Sandtoft Transport Miniature Railway. Six months later the locomotive hauls for the first time a train at the PSR the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway. Right the very unpopular Manchester PTE livery. I have to say I liked it though!. "Mufuta" will be making an appearance shortly on a new railway .

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