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A visit to the Seven Valley Railway  Although the schools are back and the holidays are over the Seven Valley Railway were very busy with visitors on the 27th September 2012. Some were children on a school visit re-enacting the wartime days. To see more details of the remaining operating days for 2012 visit their website

We take a walk through the gates of Platform 2 at Kidderminster for a journey through Worcestershire and  Shropshire to Bridgnorth The 16-mile (26 km) heritage line runs along the Severn Valley, following the course of the River Severn for much of its route. Train services are hauled predominantly by steam locomotives; however diesel traction is also sometimes used on designated days and during periods of high fire risk.
The railway is one of the most popular heritage railways in the country as well as being the sixth-longest Standard Gauge heritage line in the United Kingdom it hosts numerous special events throughout the year, including both steam and diesel galas.

Journeying alongside the River Seven passing through some wonderful scenery after calling at several intermediary stations our journey reaches Bridgnorth which has another unusual attraction that is normally found on the coast the Brignorth Cliff Railway which regrettably we did not have time to visit.

Having reached Bridgnorth a quick look around the station and take photographs from the passenger footbridge to Platform 2.

A visit to the Llanberis - Slate Museum with Sue Mundin  5th October 2012

Typical Welsh weather for our friend Sue Mundin who visited the Llanberis Slate Mine and knowing my interest in railways kindly took a selection of photographs for me of the narrow gauge railway at the museum. For more information about the museum click here.

Continuing her journey Sue visited some of the other attractions as below the slate making demonstration and a couple of the workers houses set as in times past.  For more information about the museum click here.

A visit to the 20th 40's Event organised the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Saturday 13th October for me and my family group to visit this event Pickering to sample the atmosphere of the 40's event organised by the  North Yorkshire Railway. Its more of an event about people, the fashions, old vehicles and much more with events taking part in Pickering and other railway stations along the line which to see all of them you would need to visit all three days, something that I could we could not do. The gentleman with the ARP outfit on is myself on Platform 2 directing visitors to the Air Raid shelter well that's what I say????

Platform 2 was a very busy place to be especially when the A4 Sir Nigel Gresley reversed along after bring the train into Platform 1. A vintage diesel multiple unit was called upon to help carry the large number of passengers visiting the other events along the line.

Platform 2 also hosted musical entertainment whilst in the town of Pickering the atmosphere of the 40's was in full swing from a display of classic and vintage cars and as we see above right a vintage chimney sweeps bike along with the chimney sweep. 

Some good tradition fish and chips for myself and Pat. An American Jeep receiving much admiration from passers by.

Perhaps not what it seems a certain French private investigator and a locomotive that is not what it seems. I remember my father who worked on the steam trains taking bacon to work to fry on the coal shovel but here we see Pizzas being baked in this mock up firebox.     

If you do visit the 2013 event be prepared to encounter many visitors and why not go dressed in something 40's you will enjoy being part of this very enjoyable event that Pat and myself have been to for three years now.

The Annual St Leger Vehicle Rally 14th October 2012

By contrast it was time to take part in the St. Leger Vehicle Rally from the Aeroventure Museum in Doncaster to travel the 14 Miles (approx) to the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft an event that is getting more popular each year. For the second year Pat and myself have taken part in the vehicle run with our campervan. Again here there was many vehicles from the Wartime 40's like at Pickering.

Whilst there a group of us who were volunteer members of the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society the present operators of the Thorne Memorial Park Miniature we have transferred our volunteering to the Doncaster Omnibus & Light Railway Society to help restore Doncaster's Last Trolleybus that ran for the last time in Doncaster on the 14th December 1963. The trolleybus was transferred to the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft in 1963. Between 1972 to 1990 the trolleybus operated on most of the museum operating days but in 1990 it failed its test (equivalent to the MOT) and has since languished in the depot gathering dust and other unwanted mildew etc. However in July this year a group of vehicle restorers made a start to clean the vehicle, strip the pealing paint and most importantly start raising funds for paint and other materials.       

A dewirement of one of the London trolleybuses not an uncommon feature of the trolleybus meanwhile behind the Axholme Stores. 

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