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A Journey to Doncaster by train from Stainforth/Hatfield Station. 15th August 2019

The Azuma train has now made its debut in Doncaster some on test as above right seen in Platform 1 in Doncaster station. They are now replacing the British Rail Class 91 are a 31-strong fleet of 140 mph (225 km/h), 6,300 hp (4,700 kW) electric locomotives which are the main express-hauling locomotive used on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) from London to Edinburgh and beyond. They have carried various nameplates throughout their operating career; since June 2018 the operator of all Class 91 locomotives has been London North Eastern Railway.

Made famous in the James Bond film "Skyfall" 91107 takes on passengers heading or London.  Originally 911071 was temporarily renumbered to 91007 as part of the Skyfall advertising applied to this locomotive. Upon removal of Skyfall vinyls, the locomotive was renumbered back to 91107. The locomotive was built in July 1988 having seen some 31 years of service  certainly puts into a classic of locomotives..

Now being replaced n the all stations Doncaster--Leeds.  The British Rail Class 322 electric multiple units were built by BREL between 1988-90 having made their daily journeys on this line they are now being superseded by the new Class 331 Civity which is a class of electric multiple unit being constructed for Northern by Spanish rolling stock manufacturer CAF. A total of 43 units are to be built: 31 three-car units and 12 four-car units. Construction started in July 2017 and the trains started to be phased into service from 1 July 2019. 332481 is seen alongside 32248. 

The old the new and to the right one of the new class 332 units takes a train out to Leeds as we overlook what we call the Doncaster Plant Works. 

The first train on a new layout

11th August 2019 the track was laid on the previous day as part of club meeting. A barbeque etc was set up to raise funds to enable the club to set up a new circuit and club house. For security reasons the location is not being mentioned at the time.  Below left train on the portable track

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