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Home Page December 2018/January  2019

Welcome to the "Bob's Railway Days on Platform 2" website. This website used to give all the information about the latest operating days and other information related to the then Thorne Memorial Park Miniature Railway.  The railway operated by the D&DMESL has a new website and new name Thornepark Railway this website has all the information about the railway of the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society including the operating days.  Click here  go to their website . Trains will be operating again Easter Sunday 2019 plus some operating days between now and then subject to weather. On going winter track and rolling stock maintenance will be taking place during the winter months.  See their website and Facebook page  for further details The website has the Facebook link

In the meantime the park's ducks and other wildlife will be preparing for the winter ahead, but even in winter the park offers some good walks around the lake and at certain times the park's café will be open for meals and other refreshments.  Right notice as on shed door.

New Digital presentation underway for groups January 2019

As part of the new presentations for 2019  an update is being made to a 2005 presentation about a possible narrow railway being reinstated on Thorne Moors. This was brought before Doncaster Council at their offices in the Coop and one of the councillors rejected it as being a fire risk of possible sparks off the wheels setting fire to the moors. Really? The title slide and other slides are shown below.

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A visit the Crowle Peatlands Railway 22 December 2018

A brief history: The Crowle Peatland Railway Society has been formed to promote the heritage and history of the peat railways on Crowle & Thorne Moors. The initial intention was to restore a Simplex loco that used to work on the moors. However we have subsequently been able to purchase a couple of Schoma locos that were amongst the last locos to be used of the moors.

The Society held a meeting for the members and members of the public the photograph on the left by Bob Bareham shows the start of the meeting on the 22 December  2018 . To the right we have the rear of the new building where a track will be laid to connect to the proposed new track bed onto the Crowle Moors.

From a photograph by Adrian Moor of the railway some years ago when the Thorne and Crowle peat moors were served by the narrow gauge railway sadly now dismantled. 

Above looking out onto the moors where the track will be laid. Below the locos in the new building built in 2018. Presently there is some water ingress the runs down the roof and into the side of the building thus the reflections. This will be corrected to stop this problem occurring. 

Above the cause of the present problem the structure of the building has been placed on the floor foundations. A similar building is to be put up at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft during 2019 so information has been passed onto the Board of Directors point out what has gone wrong here. Anyhow work to correct this for the building here will be instigated soon as possible.

If you would like to go to the Crowle Peatlands Railway website click here  You can also get the latest information about the group and open days on their Facebook page cop and paste: 

A trip to Doncaster from Hatfield/Stainforth Station 16 November 2018

The Class 142 Pacer trains still keep marinating the local network. Train approaching Hatfield Station having arrived in Doncaster  the Guard gets ready to signal the departure of the train to Sheffield.

The all station train for Doncaster - Leeds awaits departure . EPS Mk3 generator van 96324 still languishes at the Doncaster Works opposite Platform 8. This was one of a small number of sleeping coaches converted as generators for European Passenger Services (the predecessor of Eurostar) to work with their sleeping coaches through the Channel Tunnel, although this service was never operated as the demand level was insufficient.

The Last Operating Day for 2018 at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft 17th November 2018

After many operating days when it rained the last operating day know as the "Twilight & After Dark Trolleyday" the sun shone brilliantly. However this meant that it did not get dark as the cloudy day previously. However the sun helped to highlight the Autumn colours of the trees and the fallen leaves. 

The above two photographs by museum member Paul Morfitt captures both the Autumn colours and the final line up of trolleybuses plus Doncaster motorbus 22. The trolleybuses left to right South Shields 204, Maidstone 72 and finally Huddersfield 619 . The museum is now closed until Easter Saturday 2019 and will then be operating events on the Bank Holiday Weekends and other days similar to 2018. The organiser of the Steam Gala day held for three years now is planning a fourth for next year. In the meantime work by the members will carry on between now and Easter with site work and work on the motorbuses and the trolleybuses. For further information pleas see below and on page 2 (link below)

Lincoln Station 4th November 2018 a few more views

As part of a visit to the annual bus rally put on by the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society  a bus service took visitors to the railway station so it gave an opportunity to visit the station and of course Platform 2.

Go to our previous October/November Home Page for last months photographs of Lincoln station, trains etc 

Thorne Central publication

Between 2001-2003 I arranged for the Doncaster & District Model Engineering Society Ltd. to receive considerable funding to purchase locomotives, materials for the building of coaches and the electric locomotive John L Stokes. We were also able to purchase two marquees for shows such as the Summer Festival Event. Plastic Tables and chairs for visitors to use. Stationary, publicity leaflets and much more were obtained by funding. I would estimate about £10,000+ worth of funding was obtained with many hours of form filling producing brochures for the funders. The Neighbour Renewal Community Chest also funded this special Newsletter that was made available free at local newsagents etc. Click here to see the contents.     

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